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Basics of online medical assistant courses

   Modern online medical assistant programs function as a combination of online virtual classroom lessons and instructions and an on-site clinical exercises and experiences conducted at a nearby healthcare facility.  The purpose of these online medical assistant courses is to teach the upcoming generation of medical assistants the necessary knowledge and skills required for the work in the field. These are some of the basics of online medical programs you should know.

    First of all, there are various courses, but their general methods are largely the same. The information and the educational content of these courses is taught via video conferencing, emails and discussion boards, all through an online learning platform. The main objectives of these courses is to teach the students how look for and examine the vital signs, how to administer injections and how to assist with a wide array of standard medical procedures. All of this needs to be covered in order to prepare the students for the various clinical duties they will have to perform when working in the medical profession. Other skills the students learn through these courses are the administrative ones. These include appointment scheduling, medical coding and patient chart preparation. Similarly to the previously mentioned skills, the administrative ones are intended to prepare the aspiring medical assistants to perform their tasks once they have found employment. The time period it takes to finish a medical assistant course usually depends on the program itself, but in most cases it takes just about eight weeks to complete a single online course. This is largely due to the fact that these online courses commonly provide the basic foundation required for the students to take an associate’s degree in medical assisting. Aside from the online study, students are in a position to receive practical experience through clinical training, which is provided by local medical centers.


  When it comes to the training courses, they usually take around ten months to finish. These training courses are specifically designed for those students who would like to start their desired careers as soon as possible. This is accomplished by equipping those students with the skills and the knowledge required for the entry-level positions in medical offices, hospitals and clinics. Typical training courses include medical legal and ethical guidelines, basic diagnostic and laboratory procedures as well as medical office management. It is important to note that, while classroom teaching is carried out via video lectures, email, live chat and discussion boards, clinical training is carried out at an approved medical health care facility, supervised by a licensed health care expert. Once the medical training course is complete, the students are awarded by the training programs with a diploma or an associate’s degree. Once they complete the training course, students become eligible to take certifying exams, which are offered by AMT, AAMA, and NCMA. But, bear in mind that this is only possible if the online program has been accredited. You can find this information by contacting ABHES (Accrediting bureau if Health Education Schools0 or CAAHEP ( Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs). You can also find useful information by visiting

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