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Benefits Of Day Planners Vs Google Calendar

benefits of paper planners?

Since you already appreciate the fact that daily planning is critical for time management and productivity, you may want to find out how paper planners compare to an app like Google Calendar. You may be wondering if you would be more productive using an old school planner or the online calendar planner from Google. The answer might not be so obvious until the pros and cons of each are carefully compared. Some people choose to always work with a daily organizer while others find the digital calendar more useful. Using both is also a popular choice for many people that like to figure for themselves what eventually helps them accomplish more.


The monthly day planner option


Traditional daily planners made of paper are still very popular in 21st century at a time when smartphones and apps dominate. Many people may not understand why, but the answer is simple. The old fashioned daily planner meets some practical needs that most apps do not satisfactorily. It is definitely less stressful to simply write down your to do list on paper than start launching an app. You may also want to keep your to-do list for the day visible, which isn’t possible on a screen where other apps need to open too. Your daily planner is a physical organizer that you can always see and touch, unlike virtual tools that keep everything hidden until retrieval is done.


You can easily create your own day planning system with papers, pens of different colors and day planner binders for archiving. With that you get all the freedom needed to be creative in making your lists the way you like. Apps like Google Calendar don’t give you much flexibility because they have been programmed already. On your day organizer notepad, you can do more than just writing your to-do list. You can doodle or make drawings, take some notes and much more. The mind concentrates more when you are writing on paper. A research involving university students confirmed taking notes with pen and paper resulted to higher scores.


The Google Calendar option


The potential of software and the features they provide to anyone that wants to get organized the digital way cannot be underestimated. When you have your events, tasks and reminders set on Google Calendar that you can access across devices even while on the go, that’s amazing if you like the convenience. You have nothing bulky in the name of organizers to carry while traveling, not unless you want to bring the physical planners with you. Within Google calendar, you have different views provided to visualize the same information in different ways. There is a daily view, weekly view, monthly view and the agenda view. You don’t get such options with old school paper based planner.




It’s a great idea to embrace digital organizing tools like Google Calendar through which you can even share tasks with other people you may be collaborating with. But don’t get rid of paper based planners because an online daily organizer cannot do everything. Sometimes devices lose power or crash and lose data, but visible archives don’t. Your paper planner doesn’t need to get powered to function.


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