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Blog commenting tips to earn powerful SEO links

Blogging is the ideal example of content marketing. No products are sold, only the articles you have to read online empire. Bloggers are the people with all the traffic. What they do means that they have to attract huge traffics to earn more from their articles. The more famous your articles become with lots of views, likes and comments, the more power you gain among your competitors. A marketer can take the chance of working with bloggers to attract traffic to their sites. How do you do that with complete different line of works? It’s simple, you just have to look nice in the eyes of the best bloggers, and they will grant you a backlink from their blogs. Blog comments keeps the bloggers rolling. It’s what motivates them to write more because someone is out there waiting to read them.

  • Do the reading, comment with sense

Blog commentingBlogging is somewhat different to social media. Blogging is more serious because there are revenues to gain for the blogger. Posting a photo on Facebook is best when there are likes and comments. At the same time, any kind of a comment can be made and most people don’t mind. I mean, who cares? Commenting on a blog post requires you to put some relevant sense in your words based on the posted content and not outside the topic. It remains a fact that you can’t do the commenting when you have not even read the post in full. It would appear silly to comment outside the topic while you have a brand to protect. Learn How to boost Authority very easy.

  • Brief comments don’t work

Most people will go for brief and concise comments. People with no other objectives in marketing are allowed to do that. Not that short comments are banned, it’s just that they don’t appear nice coming from an informed source. Blog posts are usually more than a page in length. If you did read the entire content, you have a lot to say to the blogger. Don’t appear a busy marketer by leaving a three-word comment. Instead, take your tie and write there nice sentences at the minimum. The comment part has a lot of space left for commenting. You won’t fill it either. If you request for a backlink from the blogger, he/she will offer it to you with pleasure. That’s because you bring value to his/her blog posts. Maybe joomla search engine optimization will help you aswell.

  • Real identity matters

Blogs are specifically meant for individuals to read. It is better off if you did the blog commenting using your real name and profile. Here, don’t let the employees do it for you. There will be a photo on the comments region. Who appears on that photo should be none other but you, the business owner. Otherwise, your employee will get all the recognition for your comments if you are not careful. And remember employees always keep on changing jobs. Once he is gone, the value of your comments goes with him.

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