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Where Can You Get An Affordable Bedwetting Alarm?


Involuntary urination is a problem that millions of people suffer from at some point in their lives and using bedwetting alarms for older children is a solution for many. Wetting the bed, or nocturnal enuresis, is a condition that can be genetic, or it may simply be a problem with training. However, bedwetting is something that primarily affects young children. As kids get older, they are usually able to stop wetting the bed, but some children are not able to resolve this condition. This can occur for a multitude of reasons, and regardless of what is causing your problem to develop, you can always use a bedwetting alarm to resolve this potentially embarrassing condition.

Why Bedwetting Occurs
People that wet the bed have a condition called nocturnal enuresis, and it can occur for three primary reasons. First, it can be something in your family’s genetic makeup. You can have flawed DNA. The second reason that a person may wet the bed is that they are a very deep sleeper, and the reason that they are wetting the bed may be tied to the third reason. They may be producing more urine than they should at night because of an absence of a particular hormone called ADH which is what slows down the production of urine in the kidneys. If a person produces too much, even if the bladder is expanding properly, the person will end up wetting the bed because they are producing more urine than their bladder can hold.

How To Fix These Problems
You can fix these problems by visiting a doctor who can give you a drug that can emulate ADH. You can also get an alarm that can wake you up the moment that urine is detected in your panties or underwear, allowing you to get to the bathroom. Finally, you need to augment what you are drinking right before you go to bed so that you will not have an abundance of liquid in your system. It’s good to avoid caffeine which has been shown to increase the amount of urine that the body will produce, and by reducing this, this can actually eliminate the problem.

Where To Get An Affordable Bedwetting Alarm
These alarms are actually very affordable. There are several companies that make them. You can actually find websites can compare the different ones that are available, and how much they cost. Some of these alarms come with patented wireless systems, and true wireless magnetic sensors, giving you the best possible chance of not wetting the bed. You can get them for as low as $30, and also pay much more for ones that have better transceivers and also remote control options. You can find all of these alarm options online so that you can order and use them fairly quickly. Using a bedwetting alarm is a great way to approach this problem, and even if you do have bad DNA or a lack of ADH hormone in your body, this will help handle those issues.

When you or a loved one wets the bed, you know things can get embarrassing. Finding a solution is of high importance. After all, a good night’s sleep includes staying dry. By seeking out a doctor’s help and considering use of a bedwetting alarm, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a huge favor.