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The EE Customer Service frequentlyAsked Questions

The EE, which is short for Everything Everywhere, is UKs largest telecommunication company. The company was formed as a merger between T-mobile and Orange. Since then the company has grown beyond leaps and bounds to become what it is today. Having a big customer base then make makes it essential for the company to have a well organized and friendly customer service to help their customers when the need arises. Their customer service is very responsive and helpful and can easily be reached by calling the EE contact number and soon after calling you will have your problems solved in a jiffy.

Some of the inquiries you can make through the Customer Service include but are not limited to the following.

4G Network Coverage – since the introduction of the fourth generation network, EE has been working on having all of the UK covered under the network. Currently they have covered 75% of UK’s landmass and they are targeting 95% by 2020 so that you get 4G networks everywhere you go. Their 4G Network besides being the most spread out is also the fastest that you can get. This made the company win an award from the RootMetrics RootScore. The competition was done by randomly comparing EE’s 4G Network to that of other carriers in different areas at different times. To know if you are covered by 4G and what speeds you will get you can contact their customer service number.

How to change you EE price plan – before you can change to another plan then there are some things which you will need to know. You need to discount EE number. For example you need to know how much data you are using in your current plan. This is because when you change then your data plan should match or exceed the one you have. You should also know the monthly data plans that are available for you. You can be able to change your plan once every 30 days but your contract length will remain the same. If you have further questions on changing a price plan you can contact the customer service number and you will be directed accordingly.

Can you use 4G calling service?

Yes. You can use the 4G calling service everywhere provided there is a 4G network. EE’s 4G calling service is called VoLTE and is available under the EE 4GEE plan. This is a good service because you are able to maintain 4G internet speeds even when you are on a call. Also regardless of whether you were using Wi-Fi calling or 4G calling you get a smooth switch to the network. There are no additional charges on 4G calling. For further assistance on how to set up your device and any other questions you can call the EE contact number and you will be sorted out.


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