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Eye Strain From Looking At A PC Screen


If you are working on a computer for a long period of time, it is likely you will soon begin to experience some form of eye strain. Red eyes and a blurred vision may also be experienced. This is because computer work has many visual demands.
Eye strain often occurs because your eyes may not be able to accurately focus on the screen in front of you. Your eyes may also have difficulty adjusting focus back and forth from the keyboard to the screen.
What then, can be done to prevent eye strain from occurring?
First of all, a thorough eye examination should take place. This examination will tell you whether or not your vision has changed. Your eyeglasses prescription may also be updated.
If your glasses are up-to-date an eye strain continues to persist, then customized computer glasses can be purchased. These computer glasses are designed to reduce eye strain. They will also give you the most comfortable vision as possible whilst you are working on your computer.


Why Wear Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses are very different to normal or reading glasses.
These glasses often have coatings with special lenses designed to reduce glare and tint. This will remove any eye strain you experience whilst working on the computer.
If individuals do not wear computer glasses whilst at the computer, then eye strain, headaches and a blurred vision are sure to occur. Most individual’s lean forward, or tip their head in order to try to remove the blurred vision they are getting. This is not good. Each of these actions will only give individual’s a sore back, a sore neck, and sore shoulders.
These glasses have been known as computer reading glasses. However, they should really be known as computer glasses.
Computer glasses will give you a wide clear view of the computer screen without having to focus unhealthily. You will also not have to use unhealthy postures.


Lens Designs For Computer Eyewear

There are all kinds of lenses specifically designed for computer use only. They should never been worn for any other purpose.
Simple computer lenses come with single vision lenses. The power of the lenses will relax the number of accommodation needed in order to keep everything in focus at the distance of where the computer screen is at. They will also provide the largest view possible.
Single vision computer glasses can be worn by individual’s of all ages.
Another lens that can be used for computer glasses is occupational progressive lens. These lenses provide distance vision. It is also a multi-focal lens that comes with no lines in it. It’s zone is much larger than the normal lenses.
Occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses are another lens that can be worn in computer glasses. These have very large zones for near and intermediate vision when compared to regular trifocal and bifocal lenses. The positions of the zones can also be specifically designed and customized for your computer requirements.

Lens Coatings And Tints

All computer glasses lenses should come with anti-reflective coatings. This can also be known as anti-glare treatment coatings. These coatings will remove any reflections of light that may come from all surfaces of the lenses. As a result of this eye strain should no longer occur.
Tinted computer glasses are designed to block out any blue light or short-wave length that come from computer screens.
Where To Purchase Computer Glasses.

Never purchase computer glasses over the counter

An accurate computer glasses prescription is vital in order to get the full benefits of these glasses. It is recommended that computer glasses be purchased from eye-care professionals only.
Before you go and have an eye examination, measure the distance that you sit from your computer screen. Measure the bridge of your nose to the surface of the computer screen. Take these measurements with you to your appointment. This will allow the eye-care professional to understand what lens power your computer glasses will need.
In this article, we have seen that working on a computer for a long period of time will eventually cause eye strain. To prevent eye strain from occurring, customized computer glasses should be purchased. Computer glasses come with all kinds of lenses. Each of the lens come with a different purpose. Computer glasses should be purchased from eye-care professionals. These glasses should never be purchased over the counter.