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How Tattoo Removal Works

Think about the person you were ten years ago. Chances are, you are far different today than you were then. It is only natural for your tastes and interests to grow and evolve over time. Things that meant the world to you when you were younger may not play as significant of a role in your life today. Because of that, people often find that tattoos that they got in the past no longer are as relevant to their lives today.

In the past, removing a tattoo was practically impossible. That meant that you were stuck with whatever you got tattooed on your body for life. These days, however, there are advanced techniques that have been established for the safety of tattoo removal. If you have a tattoo that no longer represents who you are or that you simply don’t want any more, you can visit a qualified doctor to have it removed through a process known as laser tattoo removal.

The Process Of Removing A Tattoo

As you might guess, this process relies on using lasers to break up the ink in your skin. In essence, the doctor runs a specialized laser over the surface of your tattoo. The light from the laser breaks up the ink in the tattoo, dissolving it away. Typically, it takes quite a few treatments to eliminate all of the ink. During the treatment process, the tattoo will continue to fade, becoming less and less noticeable with each treatment. Eventually, you will be left with clear skin.

There are many methods on the market including Picosure and Zapatat, and providers like Ink Revision tattoo removal. Different colors of ink respond at various energy frequencies. Because of this, there are six different types of lasers that are used during the tattoo removal process, each of which targets a different color of ink. The doctor will analyze the colors in your tattoo and choose the correct lasers based on what they find.

tattoo removal on neckYou may be tempted to try to get the tattoo removed all at once. However, this is a bad idea. If the doctor tries to dissolve too much ink all at the same time, it can result in scarring or can leave a permanent mark on your skin. A far better option is to use multiple treatments, dissolving just a little bit of the ink each time. Although the overall treatment process takes longer, this technique minimizes scarring and leaves the skin free from discoloration.

The process of getting a tattoo removed is not painless Chances are, you will experience some pain and discomfort during the removal process. However, think about it this way: the ink hurt going in when you initially got your tattoo. It makes sense that it would hurt coming out as well.

Overall, laser tattoo removal can be a highly effective way to get rid of unwanted tattoos That means that you’re no longer stuck with tattoos that aren’t a good representation of your personality or that you don’t like for some other reason. With just a few simple treatments, you can get rid of the tattoo for good, returning your skin to a clear, healthy state. Just be sure to choose a qualified doctor to perform the procedure so that you get the best possible results and don’t wind up with any scarring or discoloration.