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html and philanthropy go hand in hand for this las vegas seo company

Practice what you preach. We have all heard that saying many times. So when we saw that there was a church that was practicing what they were preaching we were interested to say the least.  The Hope Water Project which is funded by the generous donations of Kensington Church based in Michigan.

These crazy people bike, hike (ok no hiking but it rhymed) and run all across the state of Michigan where they are headquartered to raise money for people who have no access to fresh water in Sub Saharan Africa. As a human being I do not know how you cannot find that a pretty inspiring story. The money that gets raised helps drill fresh water wells which can support the whole community and help people and families become healthier.

We saw this first on Twitter being discussed as a hashtag. Las Vegas SEO MasterMind Digital Branding Solutions posted on their Pitchdeck account about being involved with them.

If you want to get involved with Hope Water Project you can pledge online directly or find one of the many athletes that is raising money for HWP and donate through their campaign and cheer them on via social media.

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