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The Importance of Timely Fuel Polishing

Fuel polishing is a technical cleaning process that is used to make your fuel usable again. Through this process, microbial contamination from oil and hydrocarbon fuel is cleaned. This fuel contamination is also called “fuel bugs” and it is typically built over time in stored fuels. If you want to avoid accumulation of fuel bugs in your stored supplies, you should regularly maintain it and occasionally test it.

The causes and symptoms of fuel deterioration

Fuel degradation is caused by microbial growth in the storage areas, and it is actually quite easy for the microbes to find different ways of entering into the fuel. The fuel has many exchange points during its journey, and it can without difficulty become contaminated until it reaches its end user. If you don’t clean the fuel, the levels of contamination can increase to the point where they will damage the machinery and its engines. You need fuel cleaning if you notice the development of sludge, sediment or water. A faulty tank can also be the cause of contamination. There is now way you can be sure your fuel is thoroughly clean if it stood for a long time. It doesn’t matter even if you got the most expensive storage tank, if you don’t polish and maintain your fuel, it will become progressively worse. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of diesel bugs. They are quite easy to find. You just have to check the following timely:

  • Worn Fuel Injectors
  • Blocked Filters
  • Corroded Tanks
  • Engine Failure

If you find any of the problems mentioned above, you need fuel polishing. A fuel polisher or a diesel fuel conditioner will clean the fuel and make it usable again. This is a very cost effective method that will not only save money but also increase the effectiveness of the fuel. Through a special pump, the fuel will be transported to the fuel polishing system and filtrate all the impurities from it. After the filtration process, it will be restored to its original storage tank, just the way the supplier delivered it.


Green Coast Fuel Management

Green Coast Fuel Management has a quality 8-step process that will restore your fuel purity and integrity immediately. This professional company will first determine the fuel condition, perform high speed filtration, polish the fuel, and retest it to industry standards to determine its effectiveness. After that, they will add some additives to cure possible deficiencies, carry out the final testing process in order to get you a guarantee of the fuel quality and inspect the tank to see if all lids, vents and other elements aren’t leaking. When everything is done, they will schedule another appointment for routine maintenance. Appointments can be scheduled at intervals of 6 months or 2 years, based on the current maintenance needs of the fuel. What else would you need? This industry leader has everything covered for you! Click here to visit their website and get diesel fuel polishing today! Let this company optimize your fuel and prolong its lifespan.


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