Pain and Passion: Footwear Confessions Come Out In The Open

Wearing heels frequently can pose short- and long-term negative effects. Different tools that can help heels to be more comfortable like foot insoles for plantar fasciitis and arch inserts for those with high arches are widely available. These tools exist because feeling pain, or any form of discomfort, while wearing

Dealing With Pain

People around the world experience all sorts of illnesses, diseases, pains, and a variety of other forms of suffering. But now, thanks to TENS unit electrode pads(, those pains can become a thing of the past. Medical intervention can of course be a lifesaver in many case, but there happen to

A Simple Act of Hand Washing Can Go a Long, Long Way!

In order to keep your child healthy, you need to make sure you do a couple of things. For example, always have a reliable digital body thermometer( in your medicine cabinet to check your child for a fever. Another important tip is to make sure you teach your child about

Why Neck Traction Devices Can Help Your Neck Pain

When a person suffers from neck pain (, they’re often confused as to why it’s occurring. Many times it has to do with their cervical spine, that portion of your spine that’s the most flexible, which is where cervical traction collars come into play. Located between the top of the