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Pain and Passion: Footwear Confessions Come Out In The Open

Pain and Passion: Footwear Confessions Come Out In The OpenWearing heels frequently can pose short- and long-term negative effects. Different tools that can help heels to be more comfortable like foot insoles for plantar fasciitis and arch inserts for those with high arches are widely available. These tools exist because feeling pain, or any form of discomfort, while wearing high heels is extremely common. More so, this is also the reason why most women reserve this form of shoe for special occasions.

Because of this, American women have an extreme love-hate relationship with their high heels, whatever the style is, as researched by one major shoe company. Because they like to be on-trend and enjoy how they look in heels, women continuously wear them despite the discomfort that goes along with it. Almost 90 percent of the respondents to a recent survey verify that they love how they look when wearing high heels. Yet—ouch—they likewise disapprove of the discomfort their shoes can trigger. In fact, about two-thirds verify that no matter how much they love the style of their high heels, they’re too uncomfortable to wear. Because of the pain and discomfort that it brings, about 60 percent state they limit their activities, such as walking, dancing, and shopping when wearing heels.

“When it concerns shoes, ladies don’t wish to compromise style for comfort,” said shoe expert Meghan Cleary, founder of the shoe-lover’s site,, as well as writer of The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You. “The modern-day woman needs to have everything: to be able to wear her high heels, as well as be comfortable.”

Currently, women can easily prevent their feet from feeling pain and discomfort by using shoe insoles. These are widely available on the market, whether in drugstores or online. These insoles provide additional support and cushion, which your high heels cannot provide, making them more comfortable to wear. Some shoe insoles provide features like shock absorption, which can be very beneficial, since there’s an alteration of weight distribution when wearing heels and most of the pressure is placed on the balls of the feet. Because of this, insoles help prevent long-term effects, like arthritis, a shortened Achilles tendon, and spinal injuries.

At the end of the day, when the shoes come off, absolutely nothing satisfies more than a foot massage, particularly when provided by somebody special. In the survey, women confess that actor George Clooney is the star most likely to appear in their foot-massage dreams, with 20 percent of women selecting him to relieve their soles! When George isn’t available, then women can just turn to sole inserts to relieve their aching feet.

Our feet are a very important part of our body, because they help us with our mobility. Although most people experience foot discomfort, most of them are women wearing high heels. No matter how fashionable and on-trend the shoes are, foot wellness shouldn’t be neglected or taken for granted.