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Why should you patent your invention?

Do you like inventing things, and you are good in that? Can your inventions be used and sold well? Then your inventions can be at risk to be copied or stolen by others. In that way, someone other may enjoy the  reward for the invented  item instead of its true inventor, instead of you.  You must protect your invention and yourself.  In order to be able to do that and prevent someone from stealing your inventions, you must  patent them. But, first of all, you must know something about patents and patent laws, what do they serve for, how will you benefit from that and many other things.

A patent is one kind of a legal document that protects your invention. You are, as the inventor of the item, the only person who is legally allowed to apply for a patent. If you patent your invention, it cannot be stolen, copied, or manufactured by anyone other than you as its inventor, unless you give someone permission for that. There are several types of patents for which you can apply, depending on what you have invented. For each type of patent, the protection lasts for a certain period of time and when it expires your invention will lose its protection.

Fix-the-patent-lawsTo reassure inventors that their ideas would be safe from the thieves and that they will be protected from violations, the government established patent laws  that protect inventors’ rights and that can be of help if some kind of violation still occurs.

Patent law is one of the most complex fields of law and you should speak with some experienced patent lawyer before applying for a patent. The same is for those who are already in a possession of some patent and that patent has been violated by someone other. An experienced attorney will help you and explore your options.

Today, there are many companies which are specialized in this field of law and which understand essential principles of patent law in their local jurisdictions. There you can find many excellent lawyers who are willing to work with their clients and help them, and who understand their management strategies and technical focus.

One such trustworthy company where you will find the best attorneys is Livingston Loeffler. They will provide you with every information and expert advice you need and with innovative solutions to your intellectual property needs. They will help you decide which type of patent is the best for your invention and then prepare and prosecute provisional, non-provisional utility, or plant patent application, and they will also help you protect your trade secrets.

They are a company with many years of experience and great experts who will do their best to ensure that your invention is completely protected and everything that goes with that, and you will not repent if you hire them.

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